1. boxofkinsley

    Gaming Gaming group/community looking for new people

    Hello, I'm Kinsley and I currently have a discord with my friends that involves gamers, streamers, editors, and artists, and we're looking for new members since the discord is pretty small so far. We do a lot of fun stuff and play games together almost every day, this includes. League of...
  2. Polar Sky

    American Watchers!

    Hey everyone! I'm getting into YouTube in 2019 after a 4 year hiatus! I'm pretty confident with my video ideas for next year - it'll be a mix of bass (guitar) videos, vlogs, a few videos with my girlfriend, story sharing, mini documentaries, etc, but always super keen for extra input! I'm an...
  3. thejadonmayhew


    After my first video on trying American candy, as I had SO much.. I made a second one! Any feedback either on here or in the comments on the video is appreciated!