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  1. H

    Gaming Funny Momments Team Join Me!

    I have holy a few subs by get 100s of views on a my vids! To join the group all you have to do is reply to this or comment on 1 of my vids and I will get back to you! We will play all games anything! And we will upload funny momments every other day! So anyone can join as long as your not boring...
  2. A

    Gaming Collaboration

    Hows everyones day? My name is Austin Eisenman and I am looking for a collaboration on my youtube channel! Im using this as a way for me to grow. I have 19 subs and other than that I like dogs. Im 16 and very immature. I like to play video games such as: ARK SURVIVAL. CS;GO or any game pretty...
  3. H1_Gaming

    Gaming Looking for Battlefield PC gamer for strong colab.

    Hi I'm Lucas and i'm 15, I predominantly play Battlefield 4 on PC, I Live in England (useful for going on same servers) I definitely will play other games from time to time. (-: I have a set schedule of 2-3 videos a week, I would love to make at least one as a collaboration every week. If anyone...