1. kingmartinez1

    Music Looking For Singers And Or Rappers For a Collaboration Album

    Hello i am a rapper by the name of King Martinez.. i am taking music very seriously and i am on the grind trying to create something great, i am searching for singers and rappers with the same ethic and desire to create. you dont need to be the greatest artist to join, all you need is a mic a pc...
  2. C

    Best way to post a music EP to youtube?

    Sup guys, I'm a rapper. I feel like I made some pretty original content that a lot of people would like, but I don't know how to make it blow up (if it's possible). I already finished the ep and want to upload it to youtube but don't know what I can do to get it more recognition. Should I post...
  3. Courtney Candice

    A day to remember album review

  4. Kush Patel

    Firewind - Immortals // Album Review!

    Let us know what you think about this album!
  5. TeraVex

    Amethyst - TeraVex (Album Out Now!)

    Hey guys! My 2nd album "Amethyst" is out on bandcamp! The music on the album is like that of a journey. A long car ride to a place full of wonder and excitement.
  6. TeraVex

    Skylights (New Album Available For Pre-Order Link in Description)

    Skylights is a single on my new 8 track album releasing in December!