1. aks500

    Gaming Looking for youtubers that play

    Are you a youtuber that plays or do you just enjoy it? Well if you do then you have come to the right place! I would like to do some sort of challenge video like get #1 or mabye last 10 mins, something like that would be cool, I am open to new ideas as well. Requirments: 1 or more...
  2. Nokia 3310

    Gaming Various .io Games

    I'm looking for someone to record various .io games(,, etc) Must have skype or discord
  3. DeezNoobs

    Gaming Looking for Agario Collabs

    Looking for agario collabs, you will need skype and i am accepting all agario players who can tricksplit and popsplit, also i have 472 subs and about 20,000 views and i have been in the business for 4 years so i am obviously quite legit. Also i am 13, made a mistake with the date of birth on my...
  4. JonCruz

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers to collab who play CS:GO, Unturned, Minecraft and more!

    I'm a bit of a small Youtuber with over 600 subs (My Youtube is Jon Cruz) I am looking for any Youtubers with at least 100 subs to collab with on the games like CS:GO, Unturned, Minecraft and all the "IO" games. If you are interested reply to this post with your skype and Youtube link! Thanks!
  5. T

    I'm making an gaming group like faze where you have the group name on front of your yt name

    I play agario but I'm getting a pc so we can play pc games Group name = we will make on up Req subs 40 plus We will have each other's link in our description that way we all help each other out when we uploadPut your skype down
  6. K

    Gaming collab

    i would like to collab with someone thats plays on pc. Must be aged 13-16 and any amount of subs is fine. Im still practicing but as long as you have a little bit of skill i will be content. Has to be from North America and be able to play in the late afternoon/evening (pacific time) i...
  7. rmenga4

    Let's play #4 | Just do it!

    Here is my 4th gameplay of which reminds everyone to Just Do it! Enjoy!
  8. rmenga4

    Let's play #2 | Is Adele playing the game?

    Find the Adele reference in this video! I hope you enjoy the video and I will see you tomorrow for my next video.
  9. T

    Gaming Clan- NEED YOUTUBERS!

    Hey guys im a youtuber and i need members for my clan! i have 260 subs! I produce great content for my subscriber amount! also my twitch has 380 followers! If you are interested in joining respond with your channel link and agario skill! This clan is not suppose to be a little clan i am...
  10. DennyGaming

    Gaming COLLABORATION (0 - 100 subs)

    Hello, all! I am pretty new to YT and I need a skilled partner to come and record with me! I would like the subs to be a little low, so we can grow our channels together. I'm not looking for a collab for just one video, but multiple! I will promise not to bug you :P All I ask is for ...
  11. DreamGaming08

    Gaming collab

    Hey, I want to do an collab, needs to be an active channel. that's pretty much it. Thanks
  12. TinnBro

    Gaming Collab on or Gmod

    hey guys...i want to collab with someone :D
  13. joeline

    Mom plays and gets her butt kicked

    Lol guys, judging from my title i guess you already know i got beat at this game, but is ok i guess it wass all good entertainment.