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  1. FrostedGH

    Hot Topic Demonetization / "under review" (**DISCUSSION HERE ONLY**)

    On one of my more recent videos, a video which contained only an original song which I created was deemed "Not suitable for all advertisers" just as literally every single upload that I've done recently has gone through, what I don't understand is... why? The song had no lyrics, the video was...
  2. Tasmainia300

    Can a network help me monitize when Youtube won't?

    Hey there, I'm in a sort of predicament and wanted some advice. Recently Google added a feature allowing you to see if your videos have limited or no ads on them for being "not advertiser friendly". I just noticed that a decent portion of my videos were affected. I make gaming comedy videos...
  3. Schulti Media

    Monetization Policy & Age Restriction Policy Not For All Channels?

    Hey guys! I'm sure most of us YouTubers have age-restricted videos or videos that are 'not eligible for monetization'. Did you ever noticed that other videos with similar or equal stories/video clips/pictures are not age-restricted and eligible for monetization? I'm sure you did! If the YouTube...