1. BlandMark

    This Audiobook app is at least as interesting as an aquatic onion

    The best source of audiobooks you'll never need.
  2. Scott Bowes

    Channel Introduction

    So decided to make a new channel introduction video to try and entice non subscribed youtubers to subscribe to me, it includes excerpts from previous vlogs and I would love to know peoples opinions
  3. TwitchFingerGames

    Looking for Youtubers to Promote!

    Looking for some peeps to promote on my channel !! Since exposure is everything, (only) If you like my channel and its content could you return the favor and put my channel in the same section on your channel? <3 Thanks TFG :)
  4. Divergence

    Request [Paid] Seeking an intro/outro designer!

    Hi guys, I'm a small channel looking to grow as a Let's player. I'm seeking out a designer for a into and possible logo re-design. Please drop me a message via my advertised email! Oh btw I'm willing to comission as well, depending on rate!