adobe after effects

  1. Chicken Tendies

    Editing Bits

    Hi everybody I was just wondering if anyone had some cool editing tips and ideas on how to spice up my youtube videos Thanks
  2. umbysworld

    After Effects vs Premier Pro

    I have both After Effects and Premier Pro, but I've never used Premier Pro. After Effects doesn't seem to like my computer because it usually fails to properly render videos with sound. Also, it doesn't seem to be able to properly render things as .mp4 which is annoying. I currently use After...
  3. ggdeeofficial

    Free Alternative to Adobe After Effects?

    So I've had experience with AE before and would like a FREE alternative to it? I want to make intros with effects but not willing to spend 30$ a month for a while CC that I don't use. (i currently edit with premiere elements and have photoshop cc for just 9$/month). I am restarting my youtube...
  4. Jawad Soomro


    In this AFTER EFFECTS tutorial, you will learn how to animate the still images in 3D space. I hope that is helpful!
  5. Specs

    Request Need Someone with AE Experience to Edit Free Intro Template

    The link below entails a top 10 for AE Intro's. I'm interested in something simple like #3 and I was wondering if anyone can edit that template for me?
  6. Arcanum

    Willing to help people with Adobe Premiere, Basic Questions!

    I exclusively use adobe premiere for all my video editing, and some minor After Effects work. As you can tell with my videos being green screened. If you have a question in regards to premiere feel free to ask. I will attempt to answer them if I know how to.