1. Jack Swish


    D12 song called my band is covered one evening by Jack Swish acoustic and live of a song Eminem and his band did. This was the first time Jack had ever seen the lyrics and he just freestyled the song in his own style. "Changing a song completely is what covers are about" - Jack Swish (2015)...
  2. Pierre Maynard

    Ed Sheeran - Small Bump (Cover)

    Hello everyone! First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D Second of all i have just done a cover on Ed Sheeran would just like to hear your thoughts on it. I would love to hear Feedback :) Let me know which song you would like me to cover next in the comments? :D
  3. Ditto

    Music Lyricist/Song Writer looking for consistent collaborators

    My names Jay (YT is Ditto Ritto) and I play the guitar and write lyrics. I have a folder absolutely flowing with lyrics but I can be short of writing the correct music to match it sometimes. I'm looking for someone who can either Sing or Play a musical instrument. You're welcome to be a part of...
  4. Acousticbits

    Music I'll play guitar and you sing, deal? :) [mainstream/pop/top40]

    Looking to make a simple collab video! I'll play guitar, you sing. I'll handle all the audio and video editing. Before you reply, please make sure you.... 1) can actually sing! 2) are able to record using some decent equipment... I'm not asking for anything crazy, but come on....your built in...
  5. QueenGabriella

    Feedback on Latest Video?

    Hey homies! So basically I just want some feedback on my videos. As of now I have good feedback, but any criticism is always appreciated. Soo if you'd please, check out my video below! (or I mean you can check out all of them but- wait what was my point again?)
  6. QueenGabriella

    "Titanium" by David Guetta Cover

    ❥Hey guys!❥ It's Gabriella. You know, the newbie YouTube musician? Anyways, I was hoping if you guys could check out my latest YouTube video and tell me what you think? Thanks homies.
  7. Hopeless Insomniac

    Any acoustic musicians out there?

    Recently I've been discovering a lot of smaller musicians on youtube that I am in LOVE with. I play and listen to mostly acoustic stuff so I was wondering if there are any good acoustic musician youtubers you know (Or maybe you are one yourself!) I would love to check it out!
  8. neiro

    I'm going crazy. Music?

    Yes. Music. I've tried to find a good thread about this but didn't succeed. Where do people find the music they use? I've seen other channels do videos like mine and they use a lot of good music and I don't understand where/how they can use it without getting in trouble. I like to throw together...
  9. Scoby125

    Music Looking for a Singer for a Music Parody! :D

    Whats up people! So I have written a parody for 21 pilots song heathens, I am looking for a singer to sing this as a collaboration(I am an awful singer so I need someone who actually knows what they are doing :D ). The parody is gaming related so all the video/words on screen with the lyrics...
  10. Alfred

    Music Looking for collab

    Hi, my name is Alfred and I'm currently looking for someone to cross promote with. I do covers usually acoustic / Singer & songwriter. Hit me up if you're interested.
  11. J

    Music 15 year old male singer

    Hey everyone! I'm a 15 year old guy, and I sing, play tabla and a little guitar. I live in Sharjah, UAE. I'll try and explain the nature of my voice. It is rather low pitched, and I find it quite hard to hit high notes sometimes. But it is possible for me to reach up to the average pitch level...
  12. Bethanyjbee

    Shut Up and Dance - COVER - Walk The Moon

    I really love this song so I thought I'd cover it! I hope I did it justice!