1. Hashtag10

    #First Millestone.

    Hey Guys. I've just started 2 months ago and yesterday i hit my 10 Subs milestone. I don't know if it's a slow start or not. Hope you could tell me. :D Also, what do you think my course of action should be next so i could grow to my next milestone: 100 Subscribers? Thanks. ;)
  2. Pierre Maynard


    It took a long time to get there but i made it :D I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW YEEEEEEAY :D :D I would so much like to thank everyone for supporting my channel, :D It means so much to me Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D i cannot believe i made it after 4 years of being on YouTube, But i didn't make...
  3. BlockyLive

    Thank you everyone on YouTube Talk

    Its, BlockyLive here and today I was looking on my analytics today and I noticed that people from this forum are watching my videos. I got about a 37% increase in views. In all my channel does not have many views but as a small youtuber this is a great thing. I have been looking for a way to...
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