1. J.WEST


    The other day I broke 50 subs and 18,000 views. I was pretty excited to see that my hard work is paying off! I have been making videos here and there for the past year but the past few weeks I have been trying to upload a video every week! Hopefully putting out more content on a regular basis...
  2. Jbarker91

    Giveaway Opinions?

    Last week we finally reached our goal of 150 subscribers! After only two months of consistent videos we hit that first little milestone we placed for ourselves. When we hit 100 subscribers we did a giveaway and it went very well, but I'm wondering what all your thoughts are on if we should do...
  3. Laura Wills

    Just reached 40 Subs! WE'RE SO HAPPY!

    We are so excited to have reached 40 subscribers! It feels like each subscriber is proof that people enjoy our content and motivation to keep making videos and posting! We're a vlogging couple from South Florida and love documenting our daily life together. Right now we are uploading about 2...
  4. caperco

    229 Subscribers + 1K Views On My First Week

    I am very happy that I have managed to reach this total views I have been working hard trying to get off at a good start and I can only hope now to keep moving onward and upward. If you have seen my content or subscribed to me and your reading this THANK YOU so much it is a really nice feeling...
  5. HarryLeGiant

    400 Subscribers and 2000 followers in one day!

    Today I hit 400 subscribers and 2000 twitter followers. If anyone is interested I just make rockstar editor videos but my main objective is to stand out and be original. My YouTube channel - HarryLeGiant Twitter - @MrMonk33y