acapella cover

  1. Jonatan Moser

    Paris (The Chainsmokers) like you never heard it before!

    Hey peops! Here's a little project I've been working on for the past weeks... It's my (and Jacob Sutherland's) interpretation of 'Paris' by The Chainsmokers - reincarnated as an epic acapella arrangement! So. If you like international collaborations, multitrack videos and awesome acapella...
  2. Jonatan Moser

    Awesome acapella collab WITH MY GIRLFRIEND!

    Hey guys! Check out the acapella cover I did with my girlfriend! It's a cover of 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever' from the new 50 Shades of Grey Movie - I hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did making it!
  3. Jonatan Moser

    I covered a techno song acapella style!

    Yeah... I did a cover of Alan Walker's 'Alone' all acapella style - aaaaand a little kazoo xD Check it out and let me know what you think!
  4. Rickyduvall

    A New Style Acapella "Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down"

    I wanted to try a little something different with my acapella videos to make em more interesting. If you dig this new style please leave a comment! Also do subscribe! Lets make this channel Grow!! Vote for which song you would like to see covered next week!