1. AllVisuals4U


    I just passed through 50K video views! Thanks everyone who viewed my videos!
  2. jarrettholt2

    Vlog Looking to Collab with YouTubers in the Los Angeles Area. [50k subs]

    Hey all! I'm approaching 50K subscribers and wanted to see if anyone wanted to collaborate in the Los Angeles Area. Leave your channels below or tag some people I should collab with or contact me! Thanks!
  3. TCS

    NEW Channel Graphics and Design! 50k subs REVAMP! FEEDBACK NEEDED

    Hey guys, so since hitting 50k subs i have made some new channel graphics which include outros and a new banner. There has also been a revamp on the thumbnails! The banner has not officially been put on my channel but the outros have! Personally I think they do look nice and clean but thats just...
  4. Lightsen

    I can't believe it... 50,000 subscribers! :D + AMA

    I've been on youtube for almost all of youtube's existance, but lately the channel has been gaining speed. 50 thousand subscribers is a number I never thought I could reach ever in a millenium. I want to thank you all here for your support, kind words, and advice, I know some of you here have...