50+ subs

  1. Emi Maxwell

    Vlog collab friends?

    hey im 15 with 73 subs right now and if theres other video blog type channels in michigan US the lower part, id like to collab or maybe talk about editing tips and such! if your over 18 i will be very cautious about collabing, and there has to be videos with your face in it! i want to be careful
  2. VoidTranceYT

    Gaming PS4 BO3 Supply Drop Opening Collab Opportunity

    The backstory is I am trying to revamp a previously successful series on my channel. I have an idea that involves you guys so if you are interested do HMU. If you have 50+ subs be sure to HMU with a forum response or on twitter @VoidTranceHD If you have a decent webcam and 1080p 60fps Video...