1. OndaWire

    Buyer Beware! Don't say I didn't tell you

    People always ask me if I ever review products that are gimmicky. Well here is the new review and man the marketing of this product was brilliant, BUT the product, at best, mehhhh! Follow me at "OndaWire" on YouTube & Facebook for more honest, unfiltered reviews on cool gadgets & other tech devices!
  2. TeraVex


    See what new things are happening!
  3. OndaWire

    Huawei best selling smartphone 2018 / 2019

    Okay everyone check out the new intro, graphics and editing on this video! Last week was iPhone, this one is Android. Enjoy! Follow me on YouTube and Facebook at "OndaWire" and Twitter and Instagram at "TheRealOndaWire" I want to give credit to bensound.com for the music in the background. I...
  4. official118

    I'm an aspiring music producer and would love feedback!

    I'm an aspiring music producer that tailors to hip hop and trap. It would be cool to get feedback on my progress! Let me know if you got any music you need me to review as well!
  5. U

    Live on Kickstarter - Expandable wallet review for 2019 release

    Take a look at my hands on reviews of the miniWallet from those clever guys in the Netherlands at allocacoc design house. The product is now launched on Kickstarter. I take a look at the wallet before it mass production - all you need to know video review.