2018 youtube

  1. Rad


    I recently posted a DIY Christmas decor, but I want to do more christmas videos in order to attract more audience during this time of the year. Any ideas or suggestions? What's trending?
  2. Diversified Unison

    Goals for 2018 (thread locked)

    Hey everyone... Sooooo 2018 is almost here... Any special plan for your channel? What milestone you want to reach this new year? Share with us!! :D For me, 2017 goal was to reach 200 subs but I only reached 120. I guess better than nothing haha..Me and my team will continue working hard and we...
  3. sequan123

    Are Youtubers Honest??

    Have you guys have a youtuber try to give an tutorial on how to grow your channel? such as vloggers or youtubers in general, now ask yourself this does all of them not sound the same using terms such as "use tags, make description longer, seo, optimize video, be consistent." in my opinion...
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