1. K

    200 subs and 12,000 views!

    Im loving the challenges that youtube is bringing and i wish you all the best of luck on your channel as well!
  2. cubanhacker

    10000 Views & 100 Subs goal achieved !

    Started posting my first video about 45 days ago, crossed the 10K goal December 1st and the 100 subs December 5th ! Wish me luck !
  3. Novainfusion

    10000 views! Thanks everyone!!

    I know it is not a lot but I finally hit 10,000 total views on my channel it was a milestone since i started a few months ago with active uploading. I want to thank everyone who watched or subscribed to my channel and i hope people will keep watching my gaming video's. Thanks everybody have an...
  4. A

    10k views! I can monetize again!

    I just hit 10,000 total views on my channel! I took a while (more than a year), but it seems I'm actually starting to grow faster. I've gotten a lot more views in the last month than the month before. I can now finally monetize my videos... again lol. Thanks everyone!
  5. Hakiii

    Worst YouTube rule ever.

    I hate the YouTube 10,000 views rule because when i monetize my videos, i don't get anything because of that rule. The 10k views rule is a rule where you can't make any money if you don't have more than 10,000 total channel views. I currently am at 6.2k views. I actually deleted old videos, and...
  6. Xaegoba

    Youtubes New 10k Ransom Rule

    So the new rule that YouTube is enforcing is that you must have 10k lifetime views on your channel before you can make any money, supposedly this is to prevent unmonitored videos that have very inappropriate content from getting money.. I'm currently a very small channel and so far (even though...
  7. Raven

    Just Hit 10K Views.

    Greetings ghost and ghouls. My channel Gothictech just hit 10K view and it feels amazing. really appreatare every view and sub, and comment. AM not after numbers but damn It feels good :)
  8. Nbbx

    Hit 10,000+ views!!

    Literally never thought anyone would ever watch my videos so this really means a lot to me. 10k+ views. Wow. Thanks everyone!
  9. Dachi

    300 Subs and 10k views! Wohoo!

    Hello amazing community of YTtalk! I started this channel 4 month ago. I'm putting a lot of effort in my videos and I will continue to do so. I decided to share it with you guys <3 Wish you the best!