1. ShawnMcCallum

    100 000 Views!!! (Almost 500 subs)

    Hey, just realized today I passed 100 000 views. Thought I could celebrate here as it seems like a big milestone! Congrats to everyone else hitting milestones this year!
  2. Eskify

    150K Subscribers!!

    It's taken 3 years of hard work but I've loved it the whole time. I never thought when I started YouTube that it would be my job though. I remember when my videos would never get above 50 views, that sucked but I just kept going I want to reach 200k by the end of 2017 and then 1M by the end of...
  3. Nix

    Ayeee, just hit 100,000 OVERALL views! :D

    Just a pretty mad goal to hit really. Really puts the whole journey into perspective. Now time to hit 100,000 subs... Good day.
  4. ApexTV

    100,000 Subscribers and 48 Million Views!

    Hello once again good people of YTTalk. I've been posting my channel's milestones on here since 700 subscribers. Back then, which was only a little over a year ago, I made the all-time goal to get 100,000 subscribers. I really never thought this was realistic as I was only getting a couple...
  5. booitscaitlin

    1k subs and 100k views!!

    Just hit two milestones and I'm over the moon! And my next video will be my 100th as well!!! I've been doing youtube semi consistently since 2012 so I'm so happy I'm hitting milestones Slightly undeserving at the moment but I have a video ready to upload, I just think I should post something...
  6. A and M Treehouse

    Milestone: 100K views

    So we just hit 100k views today, kids are loving it and we are having tons of fun. We started posting everyday for the first month, now we are down to once a week. I feel we needed to get a bunch of videos out there in the beginning, then we can slow down and maintain. I know it's small...