1. LifeofReado

    1000 hours

    So after nearly 4 months since our first upload, we have finally hit the 1000 watch hours! well just over 1024! definitely celebration worthy!! :wavespin::wavespin::bounce::bounce::woohoo!::woohoo!: Next Milestone push is the 700 subs....and the 20,000 overall views!! gotta keep at...
  2. The_Man_XX

    1000 Subscribers - FINALLY

    I just want to thank all those who supported me and who subscribed to my channel to help me reach 1000 subscribers. It really feels good and hopefully i can reach the big one - 10,000:)
  3. Orbital Fantasy™

    We reached 1,000 subscribers recently!

    We're simply speechless! We thank the public for the support! We aim to entertain, above everything else. Earning money on YouTube isn't our priority.
  4. darkstarmedia


    When I first started my YouTube channel, I knew I wanted to hit 1,000 subscribers. That was the only "goal" I ever really set for myself; the rest of my time was dedicated to enjoying myself and sharing my interest in words with the world. Fast-forward almost 3 years - and here we are! I'm...
  5. ItsNotAiyla

    Joining the 1000 views+ club!!

    Woke up today with my first 1000 views! I know it's only a little tiny blip in the grand sceme of things, but it still makes me happy so I'm going to enjoy it. :biggrin: I've only been posting vids a short while, under 2 months. I know some channels have more than me at this stage and some have...
  6. Charmike

    1,000 Subscribers & Almost 30k views! Happy AF!

    A few days ago, I hit 1,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel called Charmike. I would like to thank every single subscriber who has subbed to me no matter the date. I have been inspired By JackSepticEye and as I restarted my YT channel in January (At 400 subs at that point) and in a few months...
  7. D

    Gaming Geometry Dash Collaboration

    ¿Alguien desea colaborar en un video de Geometry Dash?
  8. SephiZack

    1k subs and 200k views after 9 weeks :D

    I'm sorry to make a thread so quick again, but I thought this milestone was worth mentioning. Basically I was making videos for almost 2 months, then 1 week and a half ago it jumped from 200 to 300 in some days. I thought the train would stop soon but now it's been going even faster and after 1...
  9. TheFiveHive

    Gaming Close to 1k Subs ! Looking for People to Play with (Read for details)

    NEED TO HAVE: - 200+ SUBS - 15+ age - decent mic - consistency - good quality videos GAMES: Minecraft CSGO League of Legends All other F2P games If you are interested in a collab respond to this thread by describing your channel and post your G-MAIL We are looking for new people to collab...
  10. AllVisuals4U


    Got the first 1000 views..on to the next! Took a while, i hope the next 1000 will come quicker..
  11. Calixo


    Hey guys, whats good, its your boy cali, Today i just hit 1000 subscribers, which just a month ago i honestly didn't see coming... i'de like to thank my mum my da... ok maybe not but still i'm incredibly happy with the progression of my channel so far For any of you guys who are unsure, bite...
  12. Ovidelele

    25 SUBS and 1K VIEWS!

    In one month, i managed to make 25 subscribers and more than 1.050 views.I am really hopeful for the future especially now when i can improve with this great community. Thanks, Ovidiu.
  13. Nutella


    I finally reached 1000 views on my channel, i worked really hard on my last video and i finally made it. Thank you everyone on yttalk that was always there when i needed help. :)
  14. Jacadamia

    1000+ Views!!

    Wooo! Thanks so much everyone : -] Now let's try and get to 200 subscribers before 2 months pass, heheh Honestly this is amazing : -)
  15. Chris the Swissmiss

    1,000 views and 20 subs

    Today I reached both 1,000 total views and 20 subs. As people are fond of saying, I know it isn't much but it means a lot to me. I really enjoy the process of making videos and knowing people have witnessed the bizarre things I have created. I have plans for several different upcoming videos...
  16. booitscaitlin

    1k subs and 100k views!!

    Just hit two milestones and I'm over the moon! And my next video will be my 100th as well!!! I've been doing youtube semi consistently since 2012 so I'm so happy I'm hitting milestones Slightly undeserving at the moment but I have a video ready to upload, I just think I should post something...
  17. Steflouise


    This week I reached 1000 views on my channel!! yaaaaaay Thank you heaps to those who have supported me really means so much to me xxx
  18. GPUabused

    1k Subs and our first hardware giveaway!

    We just celebrated our 1k milestone and our first hardware giveaway! I always do game and software key giveaways, but I felt 1k needed something physical :)
  19. RizzleyVlogs

    Finally at 1000 views!

    We've finally got to over 1000 views! Our first proper milestone!
  20. AuthorFilms Studios

    1000 lifetime views!!

    Just checked my channel analytics and my lifetime views just went above 1000 views! I've had my channel for less than 2 months and didn't think I'd ever get anywhere! :bounce::yttalk:
  21. C

    1000 posts on YtTalk!

    *Trumpets sound* Hurray, dang I've never been around for so long on a community but I guess you can just fall in love with this place! Thank you all for accepting me here and being so nice to me and everyone, it's all appreciated! May this community grow more and may my posts rise even more :D
  22. ApexTV

    1,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Thanks to all of you!

    We at ApexTV are glad to announce that we now have a whopping 1,000 subscribers! We would like to sincerely thank all of our subscribers for helping us reach our first big milestone. Hopefully you stick with us for our next thousand, and maybe even 100,000!
  23. Emily Richardson


    Soooo....I mean, the title kind of gives it away, but I'm gonna say it anyways: I HIT 1000 VIEWS LAST NIGHT!!!!! I am so incredibly excited and humbled by this, I honestly can't believe I hit my goal. I want to thank all of the awesome YTTalk-ers who took the time to check out my channel...
  24. HFOShow

    Broke The 1000 Views Barrier!

    I am really grateful for the achievement that i recently reached , its great to know that people actually watch your content because there is a chance that they do enjoy your work :D Moreover, i always try to do my best when recording and editing a video because its really for the sake of...