1 year

  1. Darren Taylor

    After 1 Year on YouTube - How Did You Feel?

    The end of August marked my 1 year anniversary on YouTube. In that time I have: - got over 900 subs (not too shabby) - uploaded nearly 70 videos - gained quite a few consulting gigs - got my first paid speaking gigs - met a ton of cool people online and face too face - grown my LinkedIn...
  2. Savannahs Toy Box HD

    One year Anniversary and still hanging on.

    Hi Friends Time to get the cake and blow out that single candle. :mstickle: We have made our one year anniversary. 260 subscribers, 8894 views and 257.5 hours. We never thought it possible to achieve all this within a year. Thanks to everyone that helped us get this far. :dance: BIG THUMBS UP...
  3. Jonatan Moser

    Yay! 1 year anniversary today!

    I can't believe it's only been one year since I did my first upload! But it seems that it is... A lot has happened since then, and I think that I have improved a lot in my content. I know I did another milestone post a few days ago for hitting my first 10.000 views, but I just had to post this...
  4. Jonatan Moser

    10.000 views three days from my 1 year YT anniversary!

    Quite a coincidence that his happened! I could probably have hit this milestone earlier, since I just started doing regular uploads recently... And 5.000 of these 10.000 views are from the past month :-) Anyway, I reached it, and I am thrilled! Next goal: 100.000!
  5. wasabiroots

    My channel is now 1 Years old~

    I can't believe I stuck with the channel for that long. So satisfying. :3 The day it turned 1 years old, it got its first 2500 subscribers, published the 60th video and the 60th video is the 1st video to have background music added~ I learnt a lot this past year from YTtalk on how to manage...
  6. Kamikaze

    1 year, 50 subs and over 3,250 views!

    I cant believe I stuck with YouTube and got this far! I know 50 subs isn't a lot, but to me it is a huge amount. Also, over 3,250 views! Its insane :) Anyway, onwards and upwards I guess :D
  7. Jawad Soomro


    Hello amazing people of YTTALK! So today I complete 1 YEAR on YTTALK. It is so awesome feeling that I am part of this community. I have learned many things from here, YTTALK people are so supportive and they help everytime. So I am proud to be a YTTALKER! @G-Man @Riddikore @Shendijiro @Selim...