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  1. Diversified Unison

    Goals for 2018 (thread locked)

    Hey everyone... Sooooo 2018 is almost here... Any special plan for your channel? What milestone you want to reach this new year? Share with us!! :D For me, 2017 goal was to reach 200 subs but I only reached 120. I guess better than nothing haha..Me and my team will continue working hard and we...
  2. Rolz

    Dubai Holiday Vlog

    My past holiday trip to Dubai :) Just a few clips! Hope you enjoy!
  3. East To West Vlogs

    Vlog Looking for International Vloggers to collab with

    HEY EVERYBODY So basically I started a new channel for my vlogging (East to West Vlogs) about inspiration and just my daily life really, but I'm open to ideas and thoughts! I really want to make some international connections that would enhance my YouTube experience and change my life, so any...