small youtube

  1. Darren Taylor

    Don't give up

    I am a small channel. I have been on YouTube for 1 year and 7 months. My "growth" has been slow to non existent, but literally only in the last month or 2 my channel is actually starting to grow, not crazy growth, but growth none the less. My message to my fellow small YouTubers is DON'T GIVE...
  2. jamiedoesthings

    Who are the hardest working/best/underrated small YouTubers?

    Hi all, I've been keen to curate a playlist of small youtubers. I'm already subscribed to quite a few, and I want to put their best videos in one place for everyone to check out :D So, here's what I'm looking for from you guys: People who stick to a regular upload schedule. A break or lapse or...
  3. itsellis

    Any Small Vloggers around 200 Subs? Or Feedback for Feedback

    Hi my name is ellis i love making videos for youtube I'm trying to get into special effects again but very light, even though my recent videos don't contain any! If anyone would take the time to check out my channel and maybe give me so constructive criticism i would be very grateful and would...