review channel layout

  1. Paranoia_Origins

    FULL YouTube Channel Feedback, How to Promote Better, Etc..

    Hey guys Kuji here of the "The House of Wolves Gaming"; and I'm here to seek serious help with growing my youtube channel. Due to the fact that I have 1,000+ subscribers and bearly any views on any of my videos shows that I'm a lot wrong here. List below what "I" think I'm doing wrong: List of...
  2. Paranoia O Rigins

    Requesting a review on my YouTube channel Please?!

    I would SERIOUSLY! like a review over my YouTube Channel's branding/banner/logo designs is good/bad, my channel's navigation/tags, rather the thumbnails I use is good/great or very bad, if my upload frequency is bad or good, if the lengths of my videos too short or too long, etc. Pretty much...
  3. TheSGGamingChannel

    Overall Channel Critique?

    Hello guys and gals, I've been on this website for about a month and a little longer now and on YouTube for more than 3 years (but this is my new channel). I wanted to start fresh with new branding an a whole new look. I want you guys to take just a quick look at my thumbnails, channel banner...
  4. HyDraid

    Review my layout / Trailer

    Hi, I just started my channel a few hours ago, at the moment I have 74 subscribers already :D And my first video is my channel trailer ofcourse. Could somebody give me some feedback ? Cuz I just started...
  5. Caroll

    Honest Channel Review

    Hey guys. I'd like my channel to be reviewed; my channel banner, description, and video thumbnails. If you have any suggestions of how I can make them better do tell, they will be much appreciated. And yes I like things simple and clean not so crazy and busy...
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