1. Monolith Music And Games

    Streaming some Splatoon! Come hang!!!

    Hey everyone, come chill and watch me stream some Splatoon on my channel! :)
  2. Sunsbookishgamesx

    Nes mini hate on yt

    Many people are upset about the nes mini I'm so excited for it. I feel as if people always have to put a downer on things! What do you guys think excited or just a gimmik
  3. MistyEmma


    Want to catch the rarest Pokemon? Here's how to catch mew:
  4. EpicMynd88

    Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U - Lucina (Me) Vs. Ganondorf (Friend)

    Yes, I play smash bros.
  5. Christiney92

    Gaming 3DS friend codes :) ?

    Who wants to be friends on the 3DS? If there are some Pokemon ORAS/XY players maybe we can have a battle and stuffs :D My friend code is: 0920 - 1918 - 7684 Add me and post your codes below :)
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