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You may be wondering what VIP Members are and what the shop and bank is all about at the top of the site. This thread is to help you understand their uses and will let you know how you can become a VIP Member.

VIP Memberships Explained

VIP Membership helps make those with it stand out by allowing for extra features to be used around the forums. The features become available as soon as you purchase Standard VIP Membership are as below:
  • Full access to the Videos, Channels, Reviews and Milestones forum (You can either purchase VIP or go for just access to this forum with our access package)
  • Second channel linked automatically (Must be your own channel, we revoke VIP Membership for linking to other peoples)
  • Star beside your username
  • Custom user title
  • Blue coloured username
  • Include video in your signature
  • Include a banner on your profile page
A Super VIP package is also available.

How to Purchase VIP Memberships with real money

Purchase Standard VIP for $100 YTtalk Forum Cash -

Purchase Standard VIP for $3.99 USD via PayPal -

Purchase Super VIP for $6.99 USD via PayPal -

YTtalk Cash Explained

YTtalk cash is virtual cash and is earned as you post around the forums, for every post you make (over 200 characters) you earn 1 YTtalk Cash, for every new thread you earn 2 YTtalk Cash.

Please be aware that forum staff have automated tools that monitor the quality and frequency of posts.
Mass-posting / binge posting / spam posting to farm cash (or for any reason) in any part of the forum is strictly against the rules. Likewise, making pointless posts with no value is also against the rules. Any members caught doing this will be automatically banned and their cash removed.

YTtalk cash that has been fairly earned by posting normally can be used to purchase VIP Membership which you can find in the Shop. You can transfer Cash to other members by visiting Transfer Cash and filling in the transaction details.

Many people use their YTtalk Cash for VIP Memberships and also for buying backgrounds, banners, intros and various other things within the Graphics, Intros & Music forum. The recipient of the cash can use it towards their own VIP Membership.

Posting threads in the Videos and Channels forum and Reviews and Feedback earns zero forum cash. Responses earn forum cash as normal however.

Can I convert my YTtalk Cash into real money or deposit YTtalk Cash into my PayPal account?
No. YTtalk Cash is not real currency and is only used for the forum.

Bumping Privileges Within the Promo Forum:

Max scheduled threads at once = 2
Limit of bumps per day = 4
Per thread per day = 4
Max promo treads per day = 2

Various Other Settings:
Profile Banner - Yes
Member Tagging = 10 maximum per thread (5 if you dont have VIP)
Custom Usertitle = Available
Video in Signature = Available with a maximum of 1
Maximum Signature Images = Available with a maximum of 3

Paying For VIP With Real Money Via PayPal

To purchase VIP Membership via PayPal you can buy it here:

Payment Details/FAQ
  • Payments are processed securely via PayPal only and each payment is for one month of VIP Membership.
  • Payments are not recurring and your payment will not renew automatically.
  • VIP Membership is applied to your account once your purchase at PayPal has completed and is non-refundable and non-transferable, in some circumstances we may need to apply VIP manually to your account, this will be done within 24 hours of purchase.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any paid VIP Membership without issuing a refund upon breach of the YTtalk terms and rules.
  • If you are under the age of majority in your state/country you will need permission from an adult to purchase VIP Membership before making a purchase. By making a purchase you are confirming you have parental permission or are over the age of majority.
Buying VIP Membership

To buy a VIP Membership simply visit the Shop by clicking the link in the navigation at the top of the site and clicking the purchase button and then adjusting your options on the next page before proceeding with the purchase. To purchase it using real money instead of YTtalk cash you can purchase it for $3.99 per month here:

Buying VIP Membership for others

You can buy VIP Memberships for other members out of your YTtalk cash if you have made friends here and fancy helping them out. To do this simply add their username when purchasing VIP Membership under Purchase For at the Shop, you dont need to have VIP yourself to do this, uncheck for yourself and only they will receive it.

How much VIP Membership Costs

VIP Membership is $3.99 if paid for using real money or 100 YTtalk Cash per month.

I hope this helps better explain everything and how to use these features.

Thanks for reading.
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ive just tried to change the video that i already have in my signature and ive been prompted to a page about posting more regularly ...surely that aint right ...i mean i should beable to post an update to my sigature video without posting every week ? considering ive already been posting etc
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