YT Changed Their Guidline on TEXT TO SPEECH shortly after I tweeted them! You are able to monetize TTS on YT- PROVE ME WRONG!


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after posting multiple reddit and google support threads I was getting the general response that TTS wasn't allowed to be monetized in YouTube. Well, it is able to be monetized (proof further down). And basically, if YT bans YT partners from using TTS, it means people that cannot use their voice or are deaf have to hire voice talent (which isn't as cheap as you think on sites like Fiverr- go check, you have to pay talent for commercial use and broadcasting rights on top of their voice work). Kind of flies in the face of this whole inclusivity and diversity era we live in now.

Yes, the guidlines DID originally *mention* synthetic voices (repititious content: "Synthetic voice reads third-party content or nonsensical content"). But this was only meant to be a part example of what YT was asking its users not to do. It was asking us not to programmatically make content by scraping other websites without human curation/commentary. Syntheic speech just seemed to be a core component in this copyright infringement scheme of copying reddit posts which is why YT refers to it in the old guidlines.

The synthetic voice guidline was removed shortly after I tweeted YT (the page even says it has been edited the same month I tweeted: and the new guidline that lists in its place states: "Content that exclusively features readings of other materials you did not originally create, like text from websites or news feeds."

YT had to solve the Reddit TTS video problem by citing synthetic voice as an example tacked onto what not to do. You may monetize with TTS if your content is original/fair use like this youtuber has:

A google support thread that features the old guidlines:

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