YouTube Watch Page Channel Icons with PSD


I Love YTtalk
I have made some simple watch page channel icons which almost anyone can use and adapt to their own liking or simply use one as they are, they come in 9 different colours and the PSD can be used to edit them and add your own personal touch to them.

Here is a preview of the ones you get:


For those who are unsure how you use these, you must be a YouTube partner with the branding features unlocked. These are displayed above all of your videos on the watch page (the page which displays your videos) and go next to the subscribe button. Hopefully these will help to remind your viewers to subscribe to you and feel free to use the PSD as a template for your own, it is probably best if you add your own branding although it isnt 100% needed :)

If you are interested in making your own the size for them is 170px x 25px.

The only terms is that they are not distributed or repackaged.

I hope you like using these :)

Note: The PSD is included with all the images shown in the preview above.


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Thought for sure this would include some sort of YTTalk branding. Great generic template, certainly these will bolster a lot of profiles subscription rates.
Not a partner, but def a great idea. I agree with GuerrillaDayProject and think you should have some yttalk branding. Support the home team:redface: