Meet Up/Gathering YouTube Skit/Series Collab-CHICAGO, IL

Abel Juarez


GeekJar3000--The J stands for Jon, the A stands for Alex, and the R stands for Rafa!

We are a YouTube channel based in Chicago, shooting podcasts, talk shows, and beginning to shoot skits/original series! Starting out on Youtube (and starting bigger and more ambitious projects) we at GeekJar have began to have an interest in collaborative work. We would need actors. But more importantly, we want to know the YouTube community here in Chicago.

Before making a decision to see if you would like to do collaborative work with us, you should get a feel for what we are like. We're pretty chill dudes, but passionate about making videos for YouTube.

Is there something you'd like collaborators for, let me know! We're always open to new projects!
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I'm from Singapore but what you guys do sounds fun. I might visit Chicago next year. Who know maybe we can collab one day :D
Whats JAR, not quite sure what kind of collab your interested in but im a new youtube from chicago.