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Jul 19, 2020
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I have a youtube brand account and a matching youtube channel (called: "virst van hirsten") which I transfered from my default google account/youtube channel. On my "old" channel I gained some followers and transferred them successfully to the new brand account-channel. The reason I actually did this is the fact, that my students (i´m school teacher) found my youtube channel by typing my real name (first name and surname) in the youtube search-bar - although the channel´s name didn´t include any elements of my real name. I don´t want any connection between my real name and my youtube channel.
now I have this brand account and the problem is, that it´s still findable by typing my real name in the youtube search-bar (interestingly at google search it doesn´t). I checked any video-tags for my real name or further connections and made sure that my real name doesn´t exist within my brand account named "virst van hirsten" - without any success.
what´s interesting is the fact, that it worked like I intended for about 4 weeks and since I posted a link to a video on my youtube channel via instagram last week, the problem reappeared, although my instagram account is set on private.

do You know, if social media postings including my link and my real name (my fb and insta accounts have my real first name and surename) can cause the findability of my youtube channel?
the main goal is to decouple my real name from my yt channel name sustainably.
any suggestions welcome.

thank you!

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