Youtube posting personal details on terminated channels...?

I am pretty sure they let you know your name could be published publicly when filing a copyright report.
Yeah it's creepy that they make you use your real name for stuff. Freaks me out. Like... what good reason do they have for it? In most mediums you can just be a screen name but no google is like "this doesn't sound like a legal first and last name, put your REAL NAME" WHY?? Why do you care what I call myself on your site???? It's so weird...
I haven't ever filed one that way myself only using the reporting method below the infringing video, I would contact them back regarding it within the emails you have exchanged already :)
Thanks for the advice. I have wrote to them about it, but I'm worried it'll be just recieved by a robot and unhelpful automated response :/ I hope a human being can help!