YouTube Partner Custom Thumbnail PSD Template Pack


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I am pleased to release our very first YouTube partner custom thumbnail PSD template pack. In this PSD there are many different templates for you to use and it is very simple to make changes to your liking with.

If you have Photoshop you will be able to use these to make fantastic looking thumbnails very quickly and it should help you make them quicker if you like using imagery and text in yours.

This is completely free and the only terms is that it does not get redistributed or repackaged.

You are free to delete the top layer which says Created By too, no credit is needed for using these to make your own from and you are more than welcome to monetise your videos that contain anything made from this pack.

The PSD has labelled layers that are easy to understand and are grouped so they're logical to anyone who downloads it. To see the different groups click on the eye icon in the layers palette in Photoshop and/or the drop down arrow beside each one to view each groups layers.

Here is a preview of what I made in about 5 minutes using a few of the templates and a few stock images from and a couple from VlogRays. A few images from VlogRays and one of my own are featured within the PSD file but most of the template groups do not contain any images and you will have to add your own.


I hope you find these useful and have fun doing your thumbnails :)


  • YouTube Partner Custom Thumbnail PSD Template
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I am finally using these myself :D i hope theyre even more useful now with everyone getting custom thumbnails.

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