YouTube channel 2020 ideas and in need of feedback!


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Dec 28, 2019
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Pre Productions done and 3 channel themes.
Below are my 3 ideas for my online brand I strive to make. Any comments or opinions I need as YouTube is a game I’m playing to win in 2020:

1. KoopaSaki Animations

This would be the genre of story time animation or parody in the likes of TerminalMontage and Jaiden Animations. I’m an art major in college and animation may be time consuming and tough to master, but I’ve seen the amazing power it can have when it’s put to the task. I could do either genre fine as I love telling stories and I was quite a gamer in my youth. Just not sure I’d I could do both as that would divide audiences and the importance of niching down.

2. KoopaSaki V.G

I just need you to imagine the quirkiness of video game reviewing like JonTron and the AngryVideoGameNerd and imagine anime special effects and covering Japan only games. I’m very animated in acting from what I’m told and while Japan only games are not mainstream, it’s my method of standing out. Obviously I’d use fan translations the remix strategy.

3. One Man One Show
Okay this one may have the most potential as I don’t really see or know anyone on YouTube doing this.

Basically I love quoting cartoons and movies a lot, so the idea is to re enact scenes from cartoons, anime, and movies in real life with the twist being I play every character. Using editing, I can clone myself on screen and I did some test footage for my film class this semester and my classmates loved it. It seems to be the most original idea I got due to their being parodies like it, but not Of one guy specifically. Also anytime I watch sponge bob live action remakes not by froyo gamers, I keep thinking (I can do this better.) at least in the acting. It’s a side hobby of mine.

Id appreciate it if I could get advice on this. I need to choose one so my channel isn’t conflicting with itself and heck, I’d like Kong to see this If he can. I finished up the viral academy and I’m ready to start my Journey. Just need to figure out which of the ones has the best shot.


Sep 5, 2013
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Nov 8, 2019
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You will have to think long and hard on this one. Nobody is going to decide for you. Think to decide which topic you can commit to long-term because what you like doing now may not be what you like 1 year or 5 years later. Most popular youtubers get big and successful years down the road. Although it's possible for your interests to stay the same years later, but your priorities won't.