Youtube Botters.


Entertainer :D
I see that there are tons of smaller channels out there that pretty much youtube bot for subs and views just for quick sucess or false feelings. This actually leads to Mny of the youtubers just quiting because of their false accomplishments. What do you guys think about it?
I have over 1,500 subscribers, but don't get nearly that many views per video. Honestly, having relatively high stats but not getting views is depressing. That's keeping in mind that I got all of mine legitimately. If I botted to get up to 10,000 subscribers and a million views yet got no results on my videos, I'd be pretty depressed as well. That's just how it goes. If you don't want to lose motivation, don't do it for the stats, do it for the sake of your videos!
I'm not 'bashing', that is my opinion. Oftentimes people pay good money for these faked numbers.
oh i didnt mean to say thay you were bashing lol sorry XD but this 8s a growing problem and i wish that people will just get it through there mind that it will be all useless at the end of it
Botting is like counterfeit money. It is and seems real until people realize that it is fake and you get caught and reprimanded. Some might say that botting kicked off their channel, but I really doubt that.
i feel like it gives you some sense of accomplishment until you realize that all the views are not real people and nobody is really interested in your videos