Youtube BG HELP!


Kuchiki Byakuya!
Okay, so not only do I want work on my video editing skills, but I'd like some help photo editing as well. Id like to start off with making myself a YT BG, but I need the correct pixels in which to start it lol
I start off with 1800x2100. Then at the bottom, I fade to a color. The new YouTube channels can be very long, and tough to estimate, so fading off can be a big help.
Personally I use a few different size, 1920 x 1080px and I think our latest templates are 2000 x 1600px they dont have to be that big it really depends on whether you care about those on bigger screens and those on smaller screens, personally I tend to keep most of the design close to the middle around the sides of it so people on smaller screens can still see it although they shouldnt care so much for seeing background images on any websites, backgrounds are really better on bigger screens.
if you want to avoid having the problem of not making your background long enough, then I'd recommend making it 2000 length but then 'fixing' the background on your channel :) that way you dont have to worry about the length :/ its what I do...