YouTube Account Hacked, Fraudulent Videos Uploaded


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Sep 4, 2022
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In October or November 2020, I created a YouTube account for a specific purpose: to upload a poster for presentation at a medical conference. I am a medical student and with the COVID pandemic affecting in person meetings such as conferences and so on, organizations resorted to different methods to accommodate social distancing rules while still allowing for event participation. I uploaded my video, sent the link in for the conference, added a line to my CV, and then forgot about that YouTube account (and even the associated email ) entirely.

I recently googled my name (which is extremely unique and I'm certain there is no one else in the world with my name and its exact spelling) in anticipation of my upcoming application to residency programs, and was horrified to see that the first thing that came up was several videos that are apparent scams that claim to allow people to watch some Filipino show for free. I clicked on the videos, and they're posted on the same account associated with my YouTube video. Additionally, the video that I first uploaded no longer had the upload date of October/November 2020, it now says that it was uploaded in November 2021 which is really odd.

At first glance, it looks like I first uploaded my poster and then went on scamming people with some odd videos, which isn't really flattering in case people looking over my application Google my name.

I submitted a copyright claim with a response that claimed that I was being fraudulent. I responded to the email telling explaining my situation further and even sent them my ID to prove my identity with no response. I then directly emailed, no response either.

I am really wanting to remove this account in entirely but have no idea how to do so. I am wondering if anyone can help me?

I am a bit hesitant sharing the link of the video here because it would reveal my identity.

Thank you