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Hey guys im kieran from ausgaming im from australia sydney so im on GMT+10
ive been doing youtube now 6 years now with 64.9K views in the last 28 days ive got 6432 views i do 3 videos a week due to my full time work i can only play xbox in the very passionate about youtube and hope to find people are the same and start a group to record with.what i do within youtube video are funny moments,montarge,funtarge and tutorials if this interests you in anyway feel free to reply on here or xbox live gamertag xXausgamingXx the list of games i play are
call of duty modern warfare
rainbow 6
space engineers
theses ones are the main ones i play at the moment but there alot more if need be thankyou for reviewing this post hope to hear from you soon cheers aus
hi I would Like to collab with you I have 260 subscriber s and I enjoy collaboration and playing games with other people and my channel is called Dragon Striker 99 my xbox name is DragonboatYT