Music Would like to collab with a singer!

Luke Raymond

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Hey fam, I just started my channel and have done no promotion what so ever because I haven't thought of the perfect video to actually tell a lot of people about but now I think I have!

I was looking to parody the song 22 by Taylor Swift but call it 12 and have it mock the 12 year olds on facebook pretty much e.g. It feels like the perfect night to take selfies and say we're ugly.
You get the point, mocking what 12 year olds generally do on facey. The thing is I can't sing and none of my friends can, but I have a very good (imo) video idea and will obviously need vocals for this. So I'm looking for someone with a poppy voice kind of. It doesn't really matter if you're a boy/girl.
What I can give in return I'm not sure as of yet, since I'm only new, I really don't know what I could give back.

I look forward to seeing your responses.
Sounds like a great idea. I would do the part, but I'm busy at the moment. Good luck!
I ain't a singer but I can sing in tune .. sometimes haha, could do it . Can always use some auto-tune/improvement stuff :) check out my covers on my channel if you want, and let me know :)