Wix Website Analytics & Adverts

Marc G

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Sep 11, 2022
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I am hoping somebody can help me.

I have a YouTube channel, nothing big or crazy. I have recently started building a website using Wix just to give myself a more semi professional look when contacting clients etc. It is a fairly standard website with my videos embedded so they can all be found for each location I have filmed etc.

The two issues I am having are:

My adverts aren't playing on the embedded videos, which is an issue as the Wix site at least needs to pay for itself in the long run.

Also in my Analytics it isn't showing any traffic from the Wix site, despite getting friends in other countries to test it just to make sure it wasn't me viewing my own video causing the issue. My videos are embedded on other peoples website and these stats always show up, even on the 'realtime 60 minute' part.

I am not very technical minded but this seems like something I should hopefully be able to solve with the right kind of help.

Thank you all in advance.