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When you know how to write a letter of intent with three options, you can find creative solutions to real estate investing that would normally stop you from making a purchase. The reason why a three-option letter of intent is such a useful tool is because it essentially allows for three separate offers on one piece of paper.

And it’s great for establishing streams of cash, which is exactly what you want. When crafting your letter, it’s a good idea to choose three options that you’ll be happy with. That way, you win no matter what.

Once you learn how to write a letter of intent, you need to choose how you’re going to use it in your real estate investing. You can send it out as direct mail, use it as a negotiation piece, or use it as a follow-up marketing piece.

The beauty of the three-option letter of intent is that it allows you to substitute terms for money when making an offer. What do I mean? Well let’s say there’s a house on the market that’s listed at 100K dollars. The seller wants 95K for it but you as the buyer only want to offer 65K. Normally, this situation would be an impasse; however, with creative terms, you can come up with solutions that satisfy both parties.

Some useful terms that you can put in your letter include equity sharing, option to purchase, or a lease option. The thing about terms is it’s really up to you and what you think would best allow you to meet the seller’s demands.

By bridging any money gaps with creative terms, your real estate investing will greatly improve. By learning how to write a letter of intent, you can purchase more properties for less cash.