Why Print Ads Still Work | How To Make The Most Of Your Real Estate Marketing Campaign

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Jul 29, 2019
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Although these days most customers can be reached using digital real estate marketing, print ads still hold many advantages. In this video, I go over some reasons why you may want to consider adding print media to your marketing campaign. Print advertising is not dead. People still pay attention to the printed word and it’s a great way to find motivated sellers. When it comes to print media, there are several options that could work for your business. Local magazines are a good option because they are likely to reach the right customers especially when you’re operating locally. Due to the specificity of local magazines to the area in which they serve, placing an ad will give you targeted exposure. Print ads in local newspapers can also provide a great opportunity for real estate marketing. The more brand exposure you get, the more likely a customer is to eventually go with you when they have to make a decision. Newspapers are still popular. In fact 79% percent of consumers are still reading newspapers. The more local the newspaper is, the more important it is to its readers. When you create your ads, keep it simple. The attention span of a reader is about 140 characters. So, keep your headline short, mention what service you provide and who your ideal customer is, and include a call to action. By using a mix of digital and print ads for your real estate marketing, you can reach both a wide and targeted audience. Print media is far from over, and if you can take advantage of it, then it can be an excellent tool to help you grow your customer base.