Why hasn't this gone viral!?

I watched this last night whilst round at my sister's. Needless to say I almost choked to death on my beverage and nearly dropped her baby.

Nearly. Baby's fine. ;)

Lucky you didn't drop the baby! You're not supposed to drop babies... you're supposed to drop-kick them!
Frankie how do u find these??? XD Amazing

My brother in law manages to sniff them out and he showed it to me last night!

Just kidding by the way!!! Please don't be offended by my offensive babby joke =x

Haha, the baby's fine. Plus she's only 3 weeks old so she'd kinda... bounce, I guess? ;) no I am kidding, I was sitting and I wouldn't have dropped her! D: haha (call it revenge for sneezing in my face when I gave her a kiss earlier in the evening lmao)