Why are my views dropping so quickly compared to my earlier vids?


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May 16, 2021
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I'm brand new to this forum, so hey guys

(Before I begin, I wanna say that I'm very grateful for all the views I’ve got and the views I’m still getting but just wondering why it's changed so dramatically so quickly. It might sound like me greedily complaining but I’m just being curious about the algorithm and how it affects views!)

I started my channel only 4 months ago and it immediately took off (one of my earliest vids almost reaching 1m views now). My niche is just reusing clips from the TV show Glee and editing/compiling them into new meme-style content - nothing too original but it still formed a consistent and happy audience that regularly engage with my videos. I garnered 10k+ subs in about 2 months. Several of my vids managed to get more than 200k views and I was consistently getting over 100k for most of them. It's recently started significantly dropping both in views and in watch time and I really don't know why. I've kept the exact same style and topic that got me my regular audience... I've even improved my content quality since my start, but for some reason, my vids just aren't reaching as many people as they were a month ago. To me, it doesn't seem like an audience problem because they're still happily interacting with my vids but there's something up with the algorithm which just isn't showing my vids to a wider audience like it was before.

It really feels like the more subs I get and the stronger the engagement at upload (especially notification viewers), the fewer the views are longer-term, because the view spike is right at the beginning and ends as quickly as it starts - and then YouTube never showcases it on home pages/recommended. Before, I'd barely get views right when I uploaded, but it would still gradually increase for a few days and then really SPIKE as it became listed on home pages, recommended lists, etc, and since it already had garnered a few views over the few starting days, it had a strong foundation to keep traction for a while. Now, I get about 10k views the first day and then it slows right down, never showing up on recommended. For the past month, I haven’t gotten algorithm boosts like I used to and I’m wondering if I’m doing anything wrong. My sub count keeps climbing and my view count keeps dropping, so I’m just stumped.

My thought now is maybe since this show still is very popular but there aren't a lot of current vid creators for it, I've possibly oversaturated the Glee side of YouTube so the algorithm isn't promoting each of my vids like it did at the start. Maybe, maybe not, I really don't know, but that's the feeling I'm getting.

Just looking for any advice. Is it because of thumbnails, tags, titles, scheduling? Is there anything I might be doing wrong or is it just inevitable for this to happen? Would appreciate anything you can share!