Who owns an Elgato HD60?


I've recently bought an Elgato I was hyped to start recording my Xbox gameplay but I have found no motivation to record until recently but I still haven't recorded yet. I'm starting to think I might have wasted my Money as I also only just started my Youtube channel. My question is, is it even worth buying one or is there another way to record on Xbox?
I have one and I love it. I can use converters to record older consoles and they work perfectly with it as well. I had a Hauppauge PVR Rocket 2 (think that's the name) and it died out on me, but this thing has lasted beyond that and is awesome. I recommend avoiding the Elgato software though. It has to be installed in order to record with the HD60, but you can just use OBS or Xsplit with it. The software kept losing audio files, merging the video and commentary together, and also kept making files disappear after recording was done. I literally watched a video file vanish and I didn't accidentally hit anything or mess with any settings. So the device itself is great, but use OBS or Xsplit for the actual recording.
I use the HD60S for my videos, I got to say it's a useful tool. I have both the first elgato and this one. The older one I use for older consoles and the H60S for modern day ones. The HD60S is so quick and so easy to use. I would highly recommend getting a elgato capture device, they are brilliant.