White Background?

The Beer Inspector

The Beer Inspector
How do I go about getting a colored background in my videos?

I use Cyberlink Power Director for those that want to know.

Something like this. Is this easy to do with video editing software?

I look at videography the same way I look at photography. There are a lot of affordable white backdrops that you can purchase and with the right lighting you can get the results you want.
Obviously theres a few ways you can do this but its the same technique; green/blue screening. You can either buy a pre made green screen (here's simple google products search http://www.google.co.uk/webhp?hl=en....,cf.osb&fp=e946f40eb97658b5&biw=1269&bih=859 ); paint a wall in your home/room blue/green (you may have to look into finding the correct colouring for this); or just buy a very large sheet of green/blue paper

However, I don't know about that editing software so can't help with that :(

hope it helps :D
Oh okay. I was hoping that I could do something with my software, but I think green screen is the best way to do it(from my readings).

In this video, it looks like he is just in front of a white BG, which I would highly suggest over green-screen. Green-screening can be quite complex, and if it isn't lit right, you could have a very rough time editing it. One thing that works great and is really easy is to stand in front of a nice whiteboard.