Where to Find Movies to Download for Free

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Well I have got your back In this video, we are going to go through some of those sites

Now before we get into all that The truth is, if you tread movie recap videos on YouTube as a business you can easily start making some real money

Here is a channel on YouTube that was created just in 2021 and it has generated over a hundred and 42,million views at the time of Writing this post

According to Socialblade this channel is making approximately €338 to €5.4K monthly and €4.1K to €65K yearly

Now the CPM of this types of movie recap videos is between 2 to 4 dollars, so even if we take the lowest 2 dollars which is the cost per thousand views

Take for example this channel here according to socialblade estimates has generated over 142 M views since it was created

So if you divide 142 M by 1000 and multiply that with 2 dollars which is the amount YouTube pays this types of channels per 1000 views

You can see that this channel has made approximately over 200 thousand dollars and more just from ads revenue generated from YouTube

Haven said all that if you are interested in making movie recap videos without any copyright for your YouTube channel

You might be interested in this step by step case study where I will show you how to split the movies you download, transform the audio and finally upload it without any copyright claims,

You will find the complete step by step case study link in the description box below this video

Post Source https://tubemechanicsnotes.com/where-to-find-movies-to-download-for-free/