Where do you see your channel in 5 years?


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The title says it all- Where do you see your channel in 5 years?
In poor shape?
Not active?
ect, etc.

I can't really say, i hope for it to grow and help me grow as a person as well (if that makes sense). I just see it in good shape and somewhat 'succesful'
I'm not sure I just want to keep doing videos and networking with people :)
If my channel becomes successful then that's awesome!
I got from 0-1000 in about 4 months so
End of year one - 10,000
End of year two - 50,000
End of year three - 100,000
End of year four - 200,000
End of year five - 500,000

Very abitious but that would be my ideal plan, with me moving to holland at some point in that time!

Then I will have fulfilled my life goals!
Would like to say I have a large audience by then, but that is of course only my goals. Even if my channel has not grown a lot, I will probably still make videos now and again
Hopefully successful, primarily because I love to make people laugh and I love to have fun and spread the positivity. I can only see myself doing YouTube in the future, anyways, so hopefully all works out. Until then, the grind is on, haha.
Probably abandoned and still inactive lol
My goal isn't really to make YouTube videos but just be entertaining whether it's YouTube, stand-up comedy acts or hopefully a role in a multicamera sitcom :U
I see my channel as being successful. I have very specific goals I want to meet with it and when I make goals I almost always meet them. These goals I have aren't lofty either, they're very attainable with some hard work. I'm only working on my fourth video right now but am REALLY enjoying the process of researching, shooting, editing, finding music...

I think in five years I will have met my goals and will be continuing to enjoy making videos :)