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A gaming channel wanting your support
Hello people of the internet, if you remember me by the very slight chance I just made a starter post to this forum saying hi and all that, and now for another nerdizzle post. This one is about an upcoming minecraft film called "The Rise of Herobrine" to give sum it up in one sentence, The battle balance between Notch and Herobrine lies in the hand of one minecraftian. Now instead of giving you all the details here I will link you to a sign up sheet which you can answer all our questions. If you make the cut there no reason why your just needed for that one film. This will be a part of WWRAO called imperium films, where we will make short minecraft movies. Since this is our first one we are making this to be pretty big. Now if you wanna know a bit more about what your signing up for here is a link to my introduction forum post telling you about WWRAO_Central.
Also with the poll above if you select "It could use improvement" be sure to leave a comment saying how I could improve. All responses are appreciated.