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The better you become at negotiating a real estate deal, the more you’ll be able to earn. That’s why in this video, I go over six of the top industry tips that will improve your ability to convert leads into sales. The first thing you should do is team up with the seller. The best way to achieve a good deal is to want the same thing that the seller wants. Be the problem solver for the seller. It's you and the seller against the market. You should also be transparent. This is the new sales tactic of the day. The best game is to not have a game at all. You don't have to become someone you’re not. After all, when you're being yourself you're more likeable. And that leads us to the third key to negotiating a real estate deal: be likeable. Genuinely listen to the answers that you get from the seller. This will greatly improve your ability to convert leads into sales. Focus on the “why.” If there's no motivation, there's likely to be no deal. Find indirect ways of getting that “why” from the seller. Dig into feelings. Create intensity around the “why” by asking how it would feel if the house didn’t sell in time. And last, be reluctant to buy. It's better to miss out on a good deal than to buy a bad one. Once the seller gets the impression that you're ready to walk away, they'll open up. These are the best strategies in the science of lead conversion. Master these and you’ll be able to start negotiating a real estate deal like a pro. The more you learn about how to convert leads, the more you’ll earn.