What is your view on buying YouTube views?


I Love YTtalk
Buying YouTube views now! I do not know why people would buy views but anyway.

What is your view on this? I came across a few websites that sell them, what do you think?


I do not know what people gain from this except a whole load of false stats. The only acceptable reason I have came up with are to rank up your video in the YouTube search. Other then that I think it is bullsh*t.

Also is this even against the ToS?
its a way to look less pathedic to other people, but you only get yourself with it.
Thats for the desperate pples xD For pples who are rlly weak xD Who invented that is a total jellybrain >:3
Lol, I just imagine someone sitting in front of their PC, all excited because they have loads of meaningless views.