What is the youtube-wide average ratio of subscribers to unique viewers, and youtube-wide average views per unique viewer?


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May 16, 2018
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So I've been trying to piece together what is the average rate of growth for youtube channels. One metric that I've been interested in is the average ratio of subscribers to channel views.

Having a low ratio of views to subscribers (aka 90-100 channel views for every subscriber) could be good or it could be bad. On the one hand, it could mean that people feel like they should subscribe to you just after watching a single video. This is good. It means that your video content is so engaging that people will subscribe just on one video.

On the other hand, it could also mean that they come, see one video, subscribe, and then lose interest and never watch another video. That would be bad. A low ratio of subscribers to channel views could mean that lots of people see your videos and find them underwhelming, leading to them not subscribing and then leaving your channel, never to be seen again. Or maybe ... it could mean that the few subscribers you do have find your content so engaging that they watch your videos on a regular basis.

So sadly, the ratio of views to subscribers doesn't provide us with enough information to adequately gauge a channel's rate of growth.

But you know what might be able to adequately measure this metric? The ratio of subscribers to unique viewers!

One of the new features that Youtube Studio analytics has over classic analytics is that it keeps track of how many unique viewers you have on your channel, as well as the average number of views per unique viewer.

This could potentially eliminate the ambiguity I mentioned earlier. A low ratio of subscribers to unique viewers (aka 100 unique viewers for each subscriber) coupled with a high number of average views per unique viewer would mean the best of both worlds: A good chunk of people find your content engaging enough to subscribe, and engaging enough to keep coming back for more!

So I'd like to know ... is there any sort of site-wide average for either of those two statistics?
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