Other What is the Collaborations Forum for?

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The collaborations forum is for finding others to collaborate, a collaboration is getting together to make video(s) together which you then publish on YouTube for others to watch, it can help with cross promotion and definitely helps with networking and getting new contacts.

This could be finding someone to make video games videos with or finding a singer or actor/actress for your next video, all kinds of collab requests can be found and posted here.

This forum is for all requests to collaborate with others, if you can provide some information about the collaboration you are wanting to do then that will yield better responses, please provide as much information as you can for example:

- The style of the video you plan on collaborating with others on, for example a music video or a comedy sketch.
- How many people you will need to help you
- Giving a few examples of previous collaborations if you have done any before.
- Any extra contact details such as gamertags or Skype if you prefer to contact others through these regarding your collaboration.
- Where you are from, this can be your state or country etc make things easier for those looking for collabs too, you want them to find you.

Note: This forum is not for recruiting for networks or recruiting for directors/directorships or gathering members for website related channels and gaming servers including Minecraft servers.

Thank you for reading.
Not open for further replies.